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HVTO – Food Package Distribution & School Repair and Fence Construction Project

Back to 2011, Mr. Lawrence Chan, the founder of Seal of Love Charitable Foundation first met Mr. Sim Piseth as a tour guide in rural Cambodia. Sim introduced Mr. Chan the clean water and educational projects he was running in his village at that time and Mr. Chan thought he could help to scale up so that more villagers can be benefited. Helping people to break the poverty cycle and helping people who are dedicated to help others are main missions of Seal of Love Charitable Foundation. From buying water filter, building water pumps to giving food package in the village, Mr. Chan also committed to support the development in education in this remote area. Seal of Love Charitable Foundation then sponsored to buy a piece of land and build a school - HVTO which now become a substantial school with over 500 students in the village.

On Aug 25th, 2017, Mr. Chan visited HVTO to distribute food to 40 poor families and encouraged the villagers to access education for a better future. During the visit, Mr. Chan continuous to show his support and love to village children by providing funds to repair and expand the school and to build a fence around the center to improve the current learning environment. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to help and to see the positive impact in the village!

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