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Graduation Speech - PolyU SHTM - November 2019

The PolyU Hotel School is ranked #1 in the world for three consecutive years by Shanghai Global Rankings in the subject area of "Hospitality and Tourism Management".

Ms. Dee Dee Chan, Director of Seal of Love Charitable Foundation, delivered an address on "Radical Hospitality" to graduates (representing 22 countries and 70% of whom are women) of the PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management last week.

Many of the graduates will soon be working in the ritzy hotels and in the service industry for their jobs and careers.

Hospitality, however, is at its core a spirit of giving, a spirit of service; of creating a safe refuge and welcoming those most in need of human connection and love into one’s space without expectation of return. It goes beyond transactional hospitality in a day job.

Radical hospitality, seeking no return on one’s actions from a place of true intent, can form the foundation of one’s legacy of impact and transform cities and nations.

Ms. Chan's question to the students is: what will their legacy be?

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