The name “Seal of Love” originates from the idea that love and compassion has no geographic or ethnic boundary. The Foundation uses the Chinese character 愛 as its official logo, which means Love. The foundation was formed in early 2010, and mainly focuses in areas that major or national charity organizations overlook, such as remote mountainous areas in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.  (Inland Revenue No. 91/10594)


Our mission is to:

  • Help those who are dedicated to help others.

  • Relieve pain and suffering. 

  • Help the poor to break the poverty cycle. 

  • Develop our underprivileged young adults through scholarships and other vocational training.

  • Care for the elderly. 

  • Provide aid and comfort to the poor

  • Provide a love and caring environment for our children of the world.

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