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Life and Hope Association - Monks Scholarships for Higher Education, Emergency Food Distribution, Ra

The Life and Hope Association (LHA) is a Cambodian non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization established in 2005 by monks of Wat Damnak. LHA is operating in various projects such as Monks Scholarships for Higher Education, Emergency Food Distribution, Radio Broadcast on Buddhism and Morality, which are funded by Seal of Love Foundation.

Buddhism has played a key role in Cambodian society from generation to generation. Cambodians consider Buddhism as their cultural heritage, traditions and values in everyday life therefore Buddhist monks are very important to strengthen and promote social morality in the community. In recognizing the importance and the leadership of monks in community engagement, Seal of Love Foundation establishes Monks Scholarship for Higher Education in partner with LHA. On Aug 25th, 2017, Mr. Lawrence Chan, the founder of Seal of Love Foundation visited LHA in Siem Reap to meet the scholarship students and discussed about their future plans and their commitment to the society. Most of the undergraduate students major in English and they want to be teachers or work in public administration area because we all believe education is the key. If they stay on as monks, with English, they will be able to communicate effectively with outside world as well. Some MBA students are studying Law and Management and they envision a fair and equitable society built on Buddhism value.

During the visit, Mr. Chan continues to show his love and compassion to Cambodian by supporting Emergency Food Distribution Project (Ten poor families per month) and Daily Radio Broadcast on Buddhism Philosophy and Morality (8pm – 10pm on FM102.5) which was discontinued earlier because of lack of funds. Through this communication with the community, more monks and Cambodians can learn and practice the Buddhist path within they can seek hope, happiness and peace.

"I am very happy to secondly meet my hero sponsor this morning. He is a kind and compassionate man and follows Buddhism like Cambodian people. He is not only sponsoring my Bachelor Degree but also encouraging me honestly especially educating me for doing Social Work for Helping Khmer people. Finally, I wish my hero sponsor get good healthy and long life”

"After my father passed away I have no father to call but luckily I met a kind man he is from Hong Kong. He help me a lots and he donated some of money for bachelor degree for 4 years at university. I would like to say thank you so much for kindness you are the most generous man in the world you help many poor people or students in Cambodia. I wish you have more happiness in your family."

“My educational life has been changed by you Lawrence Chan. Thank you very much. You help me today I help others tomorrow. Together for sharing compassion."

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