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Supporting Gingko House

銀杏館是香港首間策動長者就業的機構, 為有經濟及心理上需要工作的長者提供就業機會. 成立於2003, 至今己有5間餐廳包括素食, 越式,傳统中餐和舊香港風味. 長者員工佔機構80%, 而他們工作範圍包括行政, 管理, 資訊科技, 市場推廣, 樓面和大廚.

疫情其間, 他們為有需要人仕提供平安飯盒連湯 (午餐和晚餐). 為支持他們的善心和努力, 正愛慈善基金會連一班義工一起準備超過300份平安飯盒亦為有需要人仕送上5000個口罩和200支消毒洗手液.

Gingko House, founded to promote senior employment in Hong Kong and to help alleviate pensioners’ depression as a result of retirement. Established in 2003, the business now has five restaurants serving a variety of cuisines including vegetarian, Vietnamese, traditional Chinese and old Hong Kong style. Currently, 80% of the staffs are elderly who involve in running the restaurants from administration to management, from IT to marketing, from waiting tables to cooking.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been distributing free soup and rice boxes to the needy for both lunch and dinner. To support their kindness and hard work, Seal of Love Charitable Foundation and our volunteers came to pack more than 300 rice boxes and brought 5,000 masks and 200 bottles of sanitizer to the people who are in need.

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