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Situation of Hong Kong Street Cleaners

今天正愛慈善基金來到 清潔工人職工會了解多點香港清㓗工友情況並送上7,000個口罩和100支消毒搓手液以製作”抗疫平安包”.

其實在我們居住和工作的區域都會遇上街上清潔工友, 我們出門時不妨多攜帶幾個口罩, 遇到他們可以打個招呼, 說聲謝謝, 並送個口罩給他們, 一起為大家打打氣!

To understand more about the current situation of Hong Kong street cleaners, Seal of Love Charitable Foundation came to Cleaning Workers Union today to talk to the frontline staffs and donate 7,000 masks and 100 bottles of sanitizers for making “anti-epidemic safe pack”.

Let’s bring positive energy to our society under the current challenging situation by saying hello and thank you and passing some masks to our street cleaners in our community. Kindness is a gift that you and I can give.

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