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Microfinance Program in Cambodia

Microfinance Program is one of the charity programs initialed and supported by Seal of Love Foundation to help villagers to overcome rural poverty in Cambodia. Established in 2017, Microfinance Program provides low interest micro loans to the villagers who don’t have capital for starting up business such as buying raw material for agriculture, buying tools for making palm juice for sale, raising chickens for selling eggs and raising pig to sell in market.

The purpose of this program is to reduce poverty level and increase self employment in the village. Our local coordinator also provides training and advice to the borrowers so that they can manage their resources in a more efficient way. There are 11 families in the program this year and they are positively impacted by improving their living environment and having more food.

On Aug 24th, 2017, Mr. Lawrence Chan, the founder of Seal of Love Foundation visited the borrowers in village with the local coordinator to learn more of their needs and the difficult of running this program so we can help more villagers to break the cycle of poverty.

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