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Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic Launch!

Seal of Love is committed to supporting local grassroots needs and has partnered with NAAC to support a Mobile Chinese Medicine Clinic in a rural part of Hong Kong to meet underprivileged elderly needs. In Lantau Island, one of the Outlying Islands in Hong Kong, there are many rural villages where underprivileged elderly live, and access to medical care can take not only a physical, but also financial toll. The mobile clinic brings affordable healthcare to their doorsteps, traveling on a fixed route each week to Tai O, Mui Wo, and Tung Chung. In this traditional part of Hong Kong where the residents live a slow-paced lifestyle of bygone days, Chinese medicine modalities like acupuncture, tui na, and herbal medicine align perfectly with their values and is widely accepted. With the financial sponsorship of Seal of Love Charitable Foundation, consultations are free of charge, and medicine/acupuncture charges start at about $5.00 USD and up, easing the accessibility of quality care to residents. We hope that this will be a prototype we can replicate in other parts of Hong Kong!

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